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SMART-IN is the new line of inverters designed and developed by NDS in Italy. NDS have managed to create a series of professional products that are designed to meet our customers’ high expectations. These inverters are de-signed to guarantee the best performance in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to some special technical and innovative solutions, SMART-IN inverters are also suitable for commercial usage with 91% efficiency, meaning less power drain on you house bateries during inverter use.

Distinctive features: The input and output are completely isolated, to avoid any anomalies from the equipment connected to the output that may damage anything connected to the input and vice-versa, thus ensuring a high degree of safety. Professional connectors are directly integrated into the board, allowing substantial reduction of voltage drop on the connection between the device and the battery. This improves its performance and, at the same power absorbed by 230V equipment, the battery consumption is lower than with the traditional in-

SMART-IN with IVT function is the line of inverters with an integrated system of priority (Priority Switch Type). This special IVT function, through the 2 input and output sockets, allows the management of the voltage that comes out of the inverter to be automatically switched between battery and shore power. When the vehicle power is connected to the shore power it will have priority over the house battery, thus conserving the battery capacity. When the shore power is disconnected, the inverter will supply the 230VAC system with power via the batteries


  • By pass integration function
  • Relay time change from DC—AC = 20ms
  • Relay time change from AC—DC = 100ms